The fursuit care guide!!


You will need:

• The body suit

• Hand paws

• Feet paws

• Head

• Tail

• Bathtub/ a tub big enough to fit the body suit in

• laundry detergent (something that will NOT make the fabric weak! like fabric softener is recommendet)

• Water (cold-luke warm!!! Hot water will destroy the fur!!!)

• A damp cloth

• A spray bottle with self made(!) disinfectant (water+rubbing alcohol+essential oil| side note: do not use eucalyptus oil as it will most likely eat on the foam material nor pre-made disinfectants!)

 A drying rag! (Also maybe 1-2 fans)



1. Step (body suit)

Turn the body inside out and place it in the tub


2. Step

Fill the tub with enough water to cover the body suit completely and add one cap of laundy detergent (you can also add the hand paws now too, but turn the wrist part inside out first and submerge them real good)


3. Step

Massage the soapy water into the suit and let it set for about 20-30 minutes


4. Step

Clean out the soapy water and let fresh water run over the suit until no new bubbles form 


5. Step

Wring out most of the water and place it on a drying rag. The torso portion needs to lay flat on top of the middle part of the rag with the arms hanging down from it and the feet laying halfway on the rag with the rest hanging down.

Turn it right side out before doing so. Let air dry! It takes about 2-3 days during summer if its placed outside. If not places outside make sure to have fans blow cool air directly at the drying suit to speed up the process.




Head and tail


Take the cloth, damp it in cold-lukewarm water with a bit of laundry detergent and gently wipe the outside portion of the head in the direction of the fur. Just spray the inside of the head with the disinfectant. Make sure to get the muzzle too. 

Spray the tail with disinfectant to make it smell nice. Wipe the bottom of it if the tail is long and got dirty.

Make sure to give the head plenty of time to fully dry on the inside to prevent bacteria to form before cleaning and after cleaning. Place a fan in front of the open head head to spead up the process. (an "open" head is laging either on the side or top and has the neck rolled up or folded to the side to make air flow easier)


Feet paws


Spray the inside of each paw and maybe wipe the outside if they got dirty.



You can wash the body suit in a washing machine but you have to be careful to choose a very gentle program with very cold water.

Do not put the suit in a dryer!!

Brush the suit while its still damp to make sure that the fur fibers don’t warp.