Terms of Service

Reference sheets and character designs

  • All character designs have to be your own! (if you don´t have one you can either commission an artist for a character or help or give me the freedom to create a design that is completely fursuit friendly and just for you.) Note: all artistic freedom suits will be charged at the base price
  • Copied designs will not be tolerated and you will not be accepted into my commission queue.
  • Already existing cartoon characters will not be made into fursuits

Fursuit making process

  • Please keep in mind that I am just one person and I do all work alone. That means that production might be slow some times, but all suits are made with care and love with detail
  • All suits will take about 3-8 months in the making, if it takes longer you will be informed. If you think it is then okay for you to shame me for being slower than usual, your commissions will be paused or you might loose your spot.
  • It is your responsability to keep up and ask how your suit is coming along, as I am just merely a human being and I forget things sometimes
  • If it occurs that i made a mistake at your suit (markings missing/ in the wrong place, wrong color for details etc) just correct me and I´ll do my best

Payment and Refunds

  • you have to pay a non-refundable downpayment of 30% of your whole price. Payment will mostly be done with PayPal or transacton if you are located in Germany
  • if you decide to cancel your commission and you already paid off your suit and material has already been bought as well as some work has already been done you will get the material and the already created good + the rest of the money itself.
  • Paying via PayPal creates a fee

NOTE: I don´t make angel dragons and dutch angel dragons anymore!

if you want an angel dragon please contact

the original creator of the dutchies (Ino89777) or find a maker that makes them!  



It´s your responsability to check every once in a while for a response. I don´t always get notifications of emails so resending your application is a good idea and helps with your commission. If you sent an email asking for a price and then don´t respond after 2-3 weeks you will be deleted from my waiting list.

Please RESPOND to emails.