Terms of Service

all customers have to be 16 or older with ID certification

  1. You have to be at least 16 or over and have to use PayPal. If you live in Germany and don´t have PayPal you can use normal bank transfers.
  2. If I realize that you are copying someone elses character you will be banned from commissioning me
  3. All commissions have to be payed in a time spam of 6-8 months, or up front. If you have struggles paying in that time span your commission will be placed on hold and the work will continue when you give me the go. 
  4. you have to make a down payment of at least 30%. These 30% are NOT refundable!
  5. It is your responsability to check up every once in a while
  6. Last minute changes on character can only be made if-> the change is not too big (e.g. different color nose/eyes); added markings . You can´t make changes to a suits head if the fur is already on the head and the markings would be too big to air-brush them.
  7. If you don´t want to go through with your commission after paying the down payment, and the supplies have already been purchased, you will get the supplies sent to you, not the money.
  8. if you decide to cancel an 'artistic liberty suit' and I already started on the design, or you wanted a regular commission and I already saved you a slot on my queue, you will have to pay an indemnification sum of $30 to make up for my efforts and for the inconvenience.